The most advanced bot for Rumble.

RumbleBot is a powerful tool built for specifically for Rumble streamers. Do things that were never possible before.

Clip command

Allow your viewers to easily capture up to the last 240 seconds of your stream with the !clip command. No editing, no nonsense.

Custom commands

Create custom commands to easily share your socials, discord, or anything else share with your viewers.

AI Text-To-Speech

Life-like text-to-speech that adds a new level of interaction with your viewers. Choose from a variety of voices.

Timed messages

Send messages at a regular schedule to remind your viewers of your socials, discord, or anything else.

AI character

Make RumbleBot behave as a custom, AI powered, character of your choice! Choose from a variety of personas, or create your own.

AI image generator

Allow your chat to generate images with AI. You can display generated images on stream through a widget.

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